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Be it solitaire or band of gold, the unexpected or the familiar, no jewelry captures our attention so much as that which shows our commitment to another. It lifts our hearts and reminds us of the special nature of forever. At Gallery of Jewels, let us help you find the perfect forever rings to match your personal style. Some of our offerings include:

  • Commitment jewelry
  • Custom engagement rings
  • Unique bridal rings
  • Bridal ring sets
  • Men's Engagement Rings
  • Men's Wedding Bands
  • Women's Wedding Bands

We also offer a wonderful selection of materials and settings, including:

  •  Yellow gold
  •  White gold
  •  Rose gold
  •  Platinum
  •  Palladium
  •  Titanium
  •  Sterling silver
  •  Fancy colored diamonds
  •  Rose cut diamonds
  •  Conflict free diamonds
  •  Colored gemstones
  •  Traditional solitaires
  •  Bezel settings
  •  Prong settings

Custom Designs  


Sometimes that perfect piece can’t be found in our cases. No worries. If you can envision it, we can create it. Bring in that picture of the necklace you love, tell us the story of your grandmother’s blue sapphire engagement ring set in platinum. Organic, handmade, matte finish or otherwise, we will work with our talented artists to make your vision come to life. The metals and stones we use to create our custom bridal designs can also be used to create a beautiful piece of anytime jewelry suited to match your style and tastes.

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