Sakura Haru

Sakura Haru

San Francisco, CA
Fillmore Street & Union Square Galleries
Trained as a painter Sakura Haru Design creates handcrafted objects of desire with elemental quality. The gesture of the artist's hand is preserved in each piece rendering item each unique. Sakura Haru Design appeals to women who embraces beauty in natural forms that are abstracted and simplified.

Sakura is from one of the tiniest and most tropical islands of Japan: Okinawa. Much of her inspiration comes from the vast sea which translates directly into her work. The style is likened to oceanic forms and textures that look as if they were polished by the waves. Sakura Haru Design is full of unique wearable and versatile jewelry that is sure to become your everyday amulet. "I hope that my work will be a treasure to be discovered and worn to remember your personal style that celebrates life and love."

Sakura Haru - Brass Fishbone and Yellow Quartz Necklace

Brass fishbone necklace with yellow quartz measuring 18 inches in length.
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Sakura Haru - Brass Fishbone and Yellow Quartz Necklace