Daphne Olive

Daphne Olive

Tacoma Park, MD
Union Square Gallery
My first influences in jewelry design were my mother and grandmother, both bold artistic women who each had a very individualistic and striking fashion sense. My mother leaned towards 70's bohemia with elaborate necklaces from India and work she found at craft shows. Grandma's collection included mid-century modern wearable sculptures that fascinated me as a child. A love of interesting jewelry was a family trait I absorbed readily, along with a sense that jewelry forms a large part on ones personal style.

I stumbled into jewelry design as a profession while living on a kibbutz in the year after high school. Expecting to spend my year getting strong and tan in the Mediterranean sun while doing agricultural work, I was surprised when they offered me a yearlong apprenticeship with the local silversmith. Working with metal immediately suited me, as did constructing objects on an small intimate scale.

I design jewelry I want to wear. I like my jewelry bold and simply elegant and fun.

In my designs I like to combine seemingly contrasting elements that in a way that they compliment each other. The largest theme in my jewelry is the blending of nature and geometry. I start with geometric shapes and give them more organic lines, or I start with natural forms and condense them to their most elementary shapes. Most recently, my botanical designs are inspired by the nature that surrounds me on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay region.

In 1995 I started my jewelry company with my husband, Dubi Paltshik. We had spent a few years backpacking around the world until that point, and one of the great benefits of our lifestyle is that we can still take a month or two each year to travel, refresh ourselves, and find new inspirations. I make every piece of my jewelry by hand in my home studio.